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Professional Development

Our Goal
Professional Development
Professional Development provides a continuous bond through fellowship, inclusion, development, and networking towards alumni activity.  We hope to assist ALL alumni members after graduation into his/her next phase of life. 
We will collect basic knowledge about careers, and connect everyone with other members on their new journey.

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Professional and Development Committee Description 

Role and Responsibilities

The Professional Development Committee (the "PDC") mandate is to develop educational and professional development programs for University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma Regional Alumni Association (UAPBKKYTBSRAA) members which provide knowledge and/or opportunities to develop skills that will enhance their competency as professionals - thus allowing them to excel, influence and lead in their careers.


A. Review programming under development.

B. Discuss learnings on recently completed programs, and wherever practical to elicit feedback from participants in completed programs to help guide future programming.

C. Brainstorm new program ideas.


Professional Development Chair – Description

The Professional Development Chair is responsible for the organization and scheduling of Professional Development Events throughout the year.

The Committee Chair is also responsible for the organization and management of the Professional Development Committee.

The following is an overview of the various activities the Professional Development Chair must attend to. Responsibility for these activities is not the sole responsibility of the Professional Development Chair, but rather the tasks the Committee must perform with the Chair managing.

A) Planning the overall direction of Professional Development

      a. Planning the yearly goals and objectives

      b. Work with the UAPBKKYTBSRAA Chairperson on yearly budget.

      c. Schedule and run committee meetings when necessary.

          i. Set agenda for committee meetings


 B) Organize the Professional Education Events

     a. Assign committee members tasks and responsibilities

     b. Meet with committee to decide on presenters and programs

     c. Plan the Education Day events and schedule

     d. Contact presenters and manage appearance schedule

          i. Provide UAPBKKYTBSRAA Chairperson with basic information needed for cost and arrangements speakers require.

               1. The Chairperson and UAPBKKYTBSRAA Chairperson will handle the negations and contracts for the speakers.

     e. Develop and oversee product or financial sponsorships as needed

           i. Manage incoming items 

     f. Communicate with other committee chair on activities

          i. Provide program information to IT/Website Coordinator  

C) Communicate to the UAPBKKYTBS Chairperson during regular meetings the status of Professional Development.

D) Prepare and submit stories for the Association Newsletter.

E) Communicates with prospective volunteers and invite them to attend and participate in committee meetings and activities.


Overview and recommended procedures for Professional Development Programs

1) Committee Meeting to determine program topics and interest.

2) Each Committee Member report back with minimum of ONE person they would like to see present.

     a. Speaker Name

     b. Program Subject

     c. Brief of Program

     d. If known, cost for ½ day – full day

     e. Why their interest in this person

     f. Contact information for the Speaker

3) Committee Decide on 3-4 top choices for presenters

4) Committee Chair Contact speaker to check availability, confirm program and get cost estimates.

5) Chair reviews with Committee – if agreement, turn over to UAPBKKYTBSRAA Chairperson for negations.

6)  UAPBKKYTBSRAA Chairperson gets signed contract (if needed)

7) Committee Chair develops program

     a. contacts speaker(s) for input and review of program

     b. works with UAPBKKYTBSRAA Chairperson on food, equipment, and special requests

9) Committee Chair or assigned member oversees all product sponsorships, schedules deliveries, and ensures arrival at event. *


Day of Event

1) Committee members arrive 15 minutes before registration begins: a. Assigned tasks as needed by Committee Chair b. Meets/Greets and provides introductions to attendees

2) Committee Chair Runs Program



The ongoing development of new programming is the key function of PDC and most of the programs are not likely to be repeated annually or even semi-annually. In planning and developing programming ideas, PDC is focused on programs that:

A. Can be built upon or contain modules such that a continuation of a program can provide several programs extending into future years e.g. a program that links topics through several sessions.

B. Are facilitated by subject matter experts and wherever possible draw on the expertise of members within Kappa Kappa Psi or/and Tau Beta Sigma.

C. Include an interactive component so that members are given the opportunity to network with each other as part of the learning.

D. Are accessible to UAPBKKYTBSRAA members in terms of timing, location, and cost.


PDC has created a “program idea bank” to track program ideas that may be offered in future years, tracks programming offered by other organizations to avoid conflicts with scheduling and to avoid duplication of program ideas. PDC emphasizes regular meeting attendance and continuous discussions related to future programs to ensure that programs will appeal to members given the plethora of programs offered by other organizations and event planning organizations.


5. Logistics and Communication

      a) General:

• Set meeting dates, agendas, and update PDC as required

• Distribute meeting agendas/minutes of meetings to PDC

• Coordinate updates/newsflashes for the RAA weekly emails and website as necessary

• Report to the UAPBKKYTBSRAA Chairperson on PDC activities/updates monthly as required

• Determine activities and create “To do” lists as required


      b) Planning

• Develop program ideas/speakers

• Maintain an "idea bank" for future programming

• Confirm programs calendar for 12 months

• Maintain ongoing dialogue with the Committee

• Coordinate with Marketing and Communications (IT) to create invitations for email, web and/or printed distribution and provide to UAPBKKYTBSRAA Chairperson and or IT personnel at least 30 days prior to the event (e-blasts, invites, publicity, website, signage, etc.)

• Coordinate sponsorship opportunities and commitments when available and/or required *

• Confirm and book venues and caterers as required *

• Coordinate and contract audio video requirements for programs as required *

• Budget for programs and get approvals from the Executive Committee for programs, when financially feasible or not profitable but still within the budget guidelines *


     c) Creation and maintenance of budget (future) *

• Establish the revenues and expenses budget *

• Obtain budget approval from the Executive Committee *

• Monitor and maintain the budget *

• Work closely with RAA Chairperson to monitor registration and update budget as required *

• Approve all invoices, request payment through RAA Chairperson*


      d) Key Programs

• Women's Leadership Program – a marquee offering

• Multi-session educational programming:

▪ varying topics that are pertinent

▪ current and important “building blocks” that every professional, regardless of their field of expertise

• "Soft-Skills" development program with an interactive component


FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Once per month, with special meetings as necessary

LENGTH OF TERM: The term of service shall be for two (2) years. The chairperson shall be an UAPBKKYTBSRAA member. Term of service shall commence on the first day January of each fiscal year. If someone replaces a member, he/she will fill out that member's term and then be eligible to serve his/her own two-year term, if reappointed.


Authority Level PDC has full authority to book venues, speakers, and subjects once approved by the UAPBKKYTBSRAA Chairperson. Preliminary ideas/plans are to be presented by the PDC Chairperson at RAA meetings to ensure programming is in line with organizational objectives

  • * May be needed in the future when the Organization will be able to have events onsite pending Covid-19

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